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Many Messianic Jews are interested in becoming Messianic because of their interest in Judaism and also the interest in Torah observance. But many Messianic Jews still feel like they are not close enough to Orthodox Judaism, even though they try hard to be in the Jewish community.

The Jewish community has struggled with the issue of Messianic Judaizers for years and there are many “Lost-Jews” that are still trying to find their way back into the Jewish fold. I have often seen this and asked myself why this seems to be such a big issue.

When I first came to Israel, my good friend was talking to me about this subject and he told me something that I believe sums up the issue perfectly. He said that it is not the Jewish people who are at fault. It is the Jewish religion.

And he further said that the Jewish people must look outside of themselves and focus on what they can offer the world as opposed to what they can do to appease their own people. Why is this so important?

As far as I am concerned, it’s not only a matter of being in a Messianic Jewish community, but it is also a matter of focusing on how one can bring the best Torah observance to the world.The Torah 29715 is not just for the Jewish people. The Torah is for all people in the world, who live in different cultures, different backgrounds, different languages and different religions.

If we want to reach those who are not Jewish people or those who are Jewish but just interested in the Torah observance then we need to be there and speak our minds, share our beliefs and not let them get away from us. This is a problem we have been experiencing lately with certain Messianic Jewish rabbis who are being silenced and shut down, not even heard out.It seems as if these rabbis are being labeled as “Orthodox” and as a result their visibility and influence are torah observant followers of yeshua being diminished.

I understand the frustrations that Messianic Jews experience when we see others who are in the Jewish community talking negatively about Messianic Jews. They come out of their shell when they are speaking out about this. It’s not our fault that they feel as if they can take away a portion of our identity and .

We are a spiritual movement within the Jewish People. There is a lot of spiritual, emotional and psychological healing that we bring to our people, our communities and to the world.And we are doing it because we love our people, love our people’s spiritual, psychological United States of America and emotional health.

So, as far as the


of Messianic Jews from the Orthodox and Reform communities is concerned, it has to do with whether or not we, the Messianic Jews, is going to be accepted by those groups of Orthodox Jews.I don’t (803) 627-8623 think it’s about the Jews per se, but it’s about the Jewish People and how they view the Jewish People. It’s not an easy task for any person, group or religious tradition to accept one thing and reject another, especially when you are all trying to do the same thing, which is to bring true Torah observance to the world.

The reason we are considered Messianic by our followers is because we have some faith in Torah and if we had no faith in Torah then we would not be Messianic Jews. We believe that the Torah is important and we feel that the Jews who do not follow Torah are not necessarily a lost Jew or a lost people.

In my opinion, if we are not in the Jewish People, then we are not in the Messianic community. We are a spiritual, psychological and emotional source of healing and that is what we bring to the world.

You do not have to be Messianic to participate in Torah observance or religious community if you are not Jewish. There are many other ways to participate in these

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If You Are Reading This Then It Is Very Likely That You Are Not Messianic Church Tzniut (Or Messi ...