Purpose: To develop programs and projects to educate NAWIC members about the construction industry and to promote professional and personal growth of members.

According to the National guidelines the Chapter Professional Education Committee should plan and schedule programs, workshops, seminars and tours for benefit of Chapter members and report to the National Committee as directed by the National Chairman.

Within our own Region 12 is a variety of talented women who are members and contacts which have already been made for us to draw upon.  This “Speakers Bureau” is being established in order to create a place where Chapters can go to see who is available, what topics are covered and to share speakers with others.  Since so many of the Chapters are in reasonable proximity of each other it is likely that a good source would be willing to travel.

Keep in mind that many professional speakers require notice in advance, adequate time to make their presentation and may need compensation for their services.  Be sure to have all of the facts in advance in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Each Chapter is encouraged to establish a Professional Education Committee, or at least a contact.