Houston Shopping Centers Have Come A Long Way Since The Days When You Would See A Fried Chicken O …

Today, you can find a variety of stores that will suit your shopping preferences. You can even choose to take advantage of Houston coupons to get an extra bargain. If you are looking for a new place to shop, look no further than the Sweet Paris Houston. This is one of the largest and most popular malls in Houston and with the addition of a Qui Tam supermarket this mall is even more lucrative.

This mega centre is located right in Houston’s Third Ward. In addition to having multiple stores, it also offers a big screen movie theatre and an outdoor pool. If you love playing in the water, then you will enjoy yourself at this huge indoor water play. No matter what your pleasure is, you are sure to find a place here to relax and have fun shopping for gifts and necessities.

In addition to the two large shopping centers, this mall also has many smaller shops where you can Houston enjoy a quiet time while enjoying the large centre. If you want to have a nice quiet time shopping, you will find lots of specialty stores here including a few fine restaurants. A lot of these stores also offer Houston coupons so you can save some money.

Located downtown and close fellini caf? to Downtown Houston, you will also find one of the best museums in Texas here. It is the Humanities Museum and it houses hundreds of exhibits on the history of Texas. This is a great place to spend an afternoon and enjoy the quiet among the exhibits. There is plenty to do here whether you want to enjoy the galleries, enjoy musical performances or just sit and enjoy the view.

The Galleria at Westheimer is another great place to enjoy shopping. This is a Houston shopping mall, which is located in the third district of the city. It has nine floors and includes three major stores – Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. You will find some designer brands here including Coach, Abercrombie and Fitch and even many local designers.

This mall also features a movie theater and several restaurants. There are various restaurants located here and you will find some great Asian cuisine as well. There is a


restaurant located on the second floor that offers a variety of international cuisine. Some of the other dining options include: La Quinta, Wolfgang Puck’s Chicken Restaurant, Pita Hut and several fast food chains.

The mall also offers a movie theatre and numerous eating and drinking options. There is a movie called ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ that is showing each night. So there is always something to watch in this mall. The other four floors include department stores such as: Banana Republic, Kohl’s, Marshalls and Sears. There are also various eating places that offer a lot of variety.

When you visit the downtown area, you need to visit the Houston Shopping Center.This is a great place to shop because it is convenient and you can really get some great Texas bargains when you go here. When you visit this mall, be sure to check out the restaurants that are located in the mall as well as the movie theater. It has been a long time since I have seen anything like this in my hometown.

The Houston Mall is situated just a few blocks from the downtown area. You will find that it has a lot of retailers and eating places as well. When you go to this mall, you can get great bargains on the popular items such as televisions and computers. There are also various restaurants in the Houston Shopping Center. One of the great things about this mall is the amount of people who work there that have jobs and families too. This makes it a nice family oriented place to be.

The second largest Houston mall is the Galleria at Westheimer.This mall is right next to 77024 the downtown area. This shopping center has about eight hundred and sixty-five shops, including a twelve-screen movie theater. There are also a lot of eating places, including three fast-food restaurants and a Chinese food joint.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Houston Hobby Lobby located at Main Street in downtown Houston is also a good place for shopping. It also has a lot of dining places and other retail stores. Houston is truly a shopping heaven. I hope I was able to give you a little information on some of the places that are available

Houston Shopping Centers Have Come A Long Way Since The Days When You Would See A Fried Chicken O ...